A data science blog focusing on acoustic ecology and environmental data analysis.

I’m Tristan Louth-Robins, a sound artist, acoustic ecologist and composer. In 2020, I started learning data science with the intention of incorporating it into my acoustic ecology practice as well as explore some of its wider practical applications. You’ll find my social links in the footer, as well as links to my GitHub, artist blog, and so forth.

Latest Posts

Leaflet: Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island sound map reimagined!

As a break from the deep dives of the previous two posts covering acoustic indices, I thought I’d share a new update to a long running project of mine: the Fleurieu & Kangaroo Island Sound Map. The sound map is a field recording and acoustic ecology project which surveys the soundscapes of the Fleurieu PeninsualaContinue reading “Leaflet: Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island sound map reimagined!”

Introduction to NDSI: measuring anthropogenic noise disturbance

If you haven’t checked out the previous post covering ACI and BI, I’d recommend going back to it since it provides an overview of the soundecology package, what indices are and how it all can be put into practice. Last month I presented an introductory case study for the application of the Acoustic Complexity (ACI)Continue reading “Introduction to NDSI: measuring anthropogenic noise disturbance”

Introduction to ACI & BI: a dawn recording use case

In this post I’m going provide an introduction to some features of the soundecology package developed by Luis J. Villanueva-Rivera and Bryan C. Pijanowski. This will be the first of several intended posts that will explore the potential of this and other packages for analysing and quantifying audio data. In essence, the soundecology package computesContinue reading “Introduction to ACI & BI: a dawn recording use case”


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