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A blog exploring acoustic ecology with data science tools.

I’m Tristan Louth-Robins, a sound artist, acoustic ecologist and composer. In 2020, I started learning data science with the intention of incorporating it into my acoustic ecology practice as well as explore some of its wider practical applications. You’ll find my social links in the footer, as well as links to my GitHub, artist blog, and so forth.

Latest Posts

Acoustic complexity as an indicator of tidal activity

Back in October, I made a trip down to a reef located at Lady Bay, a beach located about two kilometers south of the township of Normanville, on the western coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula. I’d come down here with intention of deploying an AudioMoth to observe the underwater soundscape from about noon to the…

Acoustic detection in monitoR – an overview

Up to now on this blog I’ve been exploring acoustic ecology and data science tools mostly within the context of acoustic indices, regular events occurring in a time series and trend-based analysis. This time around, I thought I would introduce an R package developed by Sasha D. Hafner and Jon Katz called monitoR. Its primary…

NDSI: parameters in context

In an earlier post from 2021, I ran through a basic use case for an acoustic index called the Normalised Difference Soundscape Index (NDSI). For this instalment of the blog, I want to return to examining this acoustic index, examining how parameter setting can be important within the context of a given location. If you’re…

Middle Farm update

There’s a couple of posts coming this month and here’s the first one explaining what’s happening (or actually, not happening) with the Middle Farm project. In November 2020, the pilot research at Middle Farm came to a dramatic halt when the deployed AudioMoth encountered the dreaded phenomena of water ingress. On a site visit in…


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